4 Bentos in our New ECOLunchbox

4 Bentos in our New ECOLunchbox

I won an ECOLunchbox from Ladybug Lunches at the start of summer.  Now that school is back in gear, we’ve been using this lunchbox a lot!  I love the shape of it and the size seems to be “just right” for both of my kids.   At first glance, this lunchbox seemed way too small, but once I began using it, I saw that this really is the ideal portion size for them (they are currently 4 and 7 years old).  Check out 4 ECOLunchboxes I’ve packed in the last couple of weeks.

ECOLunchbox CuteZCute Pig Sandwich - RachelsRandom.com

This CuteZCute pig sandwich is surrounded by Pirate Booty.  The upper tray features applesauce in the small container, a cheese stick, a maple-cream cookie, and a couple of waffle pretzels.  You can tell this is a Friday lunch, because I’d run out of fresh fruits and veggies!  I always end up scrounging in the cupboards until the weekend rolls around and I can do my shopping again!

ECOLunchbox Puppy Love Sandwich - RachelsRandom.com

This lunch from today is a better example!  Girlie had a tofurky and cheese sandwich, made on homemade bread.  I used a heart cutter and topped the heart with a leftover cut-out from Little Dude’s sandwich.  The sandwich is surrounded with carrot sticks that were fresh from our garden.   The upper compartment has homemade applesauce (we went to the apple orchard over the weekend), strawberries, and grapes.  It just goes to show the variety of lunches… they’re not always perfectly nutritious, but I do the best that I can with what I have!

ECOLunchbox Puzzle Sandwich - RachelsRandom.com

Above is a puzzle PB&J sandwich, packed with cheese cubes and teddy grahams in the bottom compartment.  The “upstairs” has applesauce and fresh pineapple.

ECOLunchbox Tortilla Pinwheels - RachelsRandom.com

Finally, this lunch has tortilla & cheese roll-ups with pirate booty and trail-mix in the downstairs and yogurt, apple, and plum upstairs.  YUM!

I love the variety of ways I can use this lunchbox and I really like using a stainless steel container.  After having used the ECOLunchbox a few times for each kid, I can tell you that the only negative feedback I’d give is that it is tough to open!  Neither kid can get it open on their own, but it is easy to get help… just raise your hand! It isn’t enough of a drawback to keep them from requesting it or me from using it.

I have a huge backlog of lunch photos to share, but not a lot of time to get them edited and typed up.  I am going to try to get to these (and some giveaways) soon!  In the meantime, work is keeping me VERY busy and well-traveled.  I’m about to take off for Europe again – this time to Netherlands and Germany.  We’ll see if I can dig up any interesting bento gear while I’m out and about.  You know I can’t resist!

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