Our week in Bento!

Our week in Bento!

This was a busy week for us and I think it is amazing that I ended up making FIFTEEN bento meals this week!  Yeah, with Little Dude’s 5 lunches, Girlie’s 5 AM Snackboxes, and Girlie’s 5 lunches, that’s a lot of packing!  I think I should try to simplify the AM snack, but I just haven’t figured that one out yet…I’m new… give me time! :)  Here are some of the highlights from this week and the end of last week…

Teddy Bear Train Lunch - RachelsRandom.com

I got Little Dude off to a good start on Monday with this Teddy Bear Train sandwich!  Mondays are always a little hard and even at 4, he wants a little more weekend instead of being hustled out of bed and off to school.  Sometimes showing him his lunchbox helps him get excited to get out of bed and get moving.  This one definitely got his attention and it was very simple to make!  I used a Lunch Punch to cut the train.  I used cheese for the tracks.  Mini gingerbread & creme cookies are the wheels and a Teddy Graham is the conductor.  He also has strawberries and grapes.

Yogurt Laptop Lunch - RachelsRandom.comAdorable Snack Bento - RachelsRandom.com

Girlie had a Greek yogurt & Banana Laptop Lunch with carrots, bell pepper, and grapes.  I included a container of granola for her to pour into the yogurt and I spelled out REN with cookies to reminder about all the fun we had at the Renaissance Festival over the past weekend. Her snack included nectarine, white cheddar, and teddy grahams, all tucked in these cute little fruit & veggie silicon cups!  This new snack box is sandwich-sized and comes with an ice-pack that attaches to the bottom. I got it at Five Below and we both love it!

Cheese & Cracker Laptop Lunch - RachelsRandom.comLittle Dude's Laptop LunchLOVE Laptop Lunch - RachelsRandom.com

Little Dude packed a Cheese & Crackers Laptop Lunch with a car-shaped hard-boiled egg, strawberries, and applesauce.  The little piggy is a baran (food divider) that I just placed on top for fun! He loves packing this lunch box by himself. Having individual containers helps him feel in control of “what goes where.”  He wanted to take a picture with the one he packed on Wednesday of this week… he was so proud of his selections! I packed a Laptop Lunch for Girlie with latakes & applesauce, strawberries & blueberries, a hard-boiled egg & carrots, and letter cookies to spell LOVE.

Castle & Scroll Planetbox - RachelsRandom.comColorful CuteZCute Planetbox - RachelsRandom.com

Girlie had a PlanetBox lunch with a castle sandwich, raisins, nectarine, edamame, chocolate rocks, and a Chobani Champions yogurt tube.  She ate everything except for the raisins… I forgot she doesn’t like those… ooops!  The paper at the top is a little love note scroll I made her and taped shut with a puppy sticker.  I later learned she auctioned the sticker off at lunch… she’s a funny one.  Oh, and this lunch has the new PlanetBox magnets I got her… unicorns!  Sooooo cute!    The other PlanetBox lunch had a CuteZCute frog sandwich (Tofurky & Cheese that day) with carrots, strawberries, grapes, a mini cookie, and a Chobani Champions tube.

Acorn Fall Lunch - RachelsRandom.comAcorn Letter A Lunch - RachelsRandom.com

I spotted this ridiculously cute acorn lunch idea in my newsfeed this week and wasted no time in trying to replicate it!  Girlie got a fall-themed lunch with the last of those mini-cookies and some craisins in a leaf cup.  She also had carrots, bell pepper, grapes, and a gold leaf-ring.  Dude had an “A” themed lunch because his Pre-K class is doing a letter of the week now and I thought it would be fun to reinforce through lunches!  Yes, I’m a nerd.   He has an acorn, apple sauce, A cookies, and grapes with an airplane pick and cheese, which I can’t even come up with some A thing to say about. Oh well!

Totally Lame Pirate Lunch - RachelsRandom.com

This sad little lunch made Little Dude really happy.  It was Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday, a holiday we hold dear to our hearts in my family, and I just could not get it together to make a decent pirate lunch.  This is so lame, but all I could throw together in honor of the pirates is a half-eaten bag of pirate booty (he ate the first half – not me!), tortilla pinwheels skewered on swords, and some grapes.   If you want to see a fantastic pirate lunch, start with BentOnBetterLunches and go through both of my bento-friends’ blog hops… amazing!

Cheese and Crackers Snack Shuttle - RachelsRandom.comApple & PB Snack - RachelsRandom.com

We’ve been breaking in our new PlanetBox Shuttle for AM snack.  Girlie had cheese and crackers with half a banana and mini cookies one day and a protein bar, apple slices, and some peanut butter protein dip yesterday.

Snack Bento 567 - RachelsRandom.com

This snack bento was counting down the days until Girlie’s birthday next week! I can’t believe my baby is about to turn 7 soon!  She had apples, number cookies, pretzels, and cheese.

Ice Cream Social Snack - RachelsRandom.com

And this is today’s snack.  She has grapes, cheese strips, pretzels, and little ice-cream shaped cheeses!  We are going to her school’s ice-cream social after school today and I thought this would give her a smile!

This is a lot of bento and not a lot of blogging! It seems like we’ve been just too busy all the time for me to get much writing in. Please feel free to chime in with any time-saving hints, particularly for snack-time.

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    • Thanks Lunchy! :) Yes, I used the spaceship cutters! I bought them a long time ago, but I remember the ice cream idea was on the package. I am not that creative!! It was super easy to do and Girlie loved it!

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