I can’t stop [shopping]!

I can’t stop [shopping]!

I need help!  I have a problem.  I can’t stop buying bento stuff!  I have cabinets full of it and yet, more and more makes it way there all the time, especially in the Back to School weeks.  Here is a glimpse at some of my newest acquisitions to at least prove that they are being well used!

Spider-Man Bento - RachelsRandom.com

I could not even attempt to resist this adorable Spider-Man bento that I found at Target last weekend!  It has a great Spidey cover and comes with utensils.  Irresistable, I tell you!  I packed him “pizza bites” with strawberries and grapes.  I also included a yogurt cup in his lunch bag.  He was very excited about this one!

New Hello Kitty Bento - RachelsRandom.com

And then, I could not have Girlie feeling any bento neglect, and she needed some cute snack boxes now that I pack a morning snack for 1st grade, so I grabbed this adorable Hello Kitty bento box at Bento USA. This snack has a babybel cheese, strawberries, grapes, and a homemade cookie.

Cereal Bento - RachelsRandom.com

Little Dude got to test out this awesome new cereal container.  The bottom cup has freezer gel on the outside and you put the entire cup in the freezer the night before.  In the morning, you fill the cup with milk, screw the next compartment on top, fill that with cereal, and then attach the lid, which comes with an adorable collapsible spoon. I found these at Five Below.  He LOVED this and Girlie is excited to try hers too.  Dude is 4 and said that he needed a teacher to help him “twist it off” for him and he promises that he did not make a mess.  He had a side bento box (also from Five Below) that had a hard boiled egg, apples, and grapes.

Cheese & Crackers Lunchbots - RachelsRandom.com

Girlie is first to try the new lunchbots quad that I scored on zulily. I also used some of the new silicon cups I purchased from Bento USA. This lunchbox looked much smaller than I had expected at first, but it actually holds a lot of food! Girlie said she was literally putting the last bite of food in her mouth as the end of lunch bell rang, so it was just the right amount.  She had crackers and cheese, a carrot from our garden, cucumber spears, white peach, grapes, strawberries, and a small cup of trail mix.  I also tucked a little note behind the crackers and she really loved finding that as a surprise.

AM Snack - RachelsRandom.com

This round container is part of a Hello Kitty 4 piece bento set that we’ve had for a while, but the star silicon cup and leaf cup are both new!  This was a morning snack bento of hard boiled egg, grapes, strawberries, and a few chocolate teddy grahams.

PlanetBox Snack - RachelsRandom.com

OK… so I am off the hook on the PlanetBox shuttle above!  I won it in a video contest and did not actually shop for it myself!  Thank goodness.  I used the large container that comes with the rover to pack some yogurt with strawberries and I packed granola around the big dipper container.  She also got some white peach slices.  I hope this was enough of a morning snack to tide her over… I’m still experimenting!

Puzzle PlanetBox - RachelsRandom.com

This is Girlie’s Planetbox Rover from last year.  She still uses it, but I bought new magnets for it, so Little Dude might like using it too. I got him a bigger lunch bag that can fit the Planetbox inside with a drink.  I like that I can have one lunchbox and personalize it with magnets to match whichever kid is packing it on a given day.  I also got Little Dude some cute new Monsters Incorporated flatware.  I packed those for him along with his reusable napkin in the top compartment.  The other compartments have a PB&J puzzle sandwich, strawberries, a little dipper of yogurt, peaches, and some teddy grahams.

I hate to admit this, but there are some picks and a few more silicon cups (in fruit and veggie shapes) that are not shown here. I also got one more snack box for Girlie.  I need to stop.  Now.  It is already out of control, but then again, it is my hobby, and it is so much fun, and it benefits the kids, right?!?!  Please help me justify my insanity!

I hope everyone is having a good back-to-school transition too!  What new supplies have you picked up recently?

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