A Week of Camp Lunches

A Week of Camp Lunches

Are your kids back to school already?  We’ve still got another whole week to go! However, I was able to get my bento fix this week because my kids were in a new camp that does not provide lunches.   I had fun making some special lunches for them and I especially enjoyed seeing Little Dude’s face light up when he saw his lunch bag again.  I love making him smile at lunch!

Cheese and Crackers Bynto - RachelsRandom.com

We kicked off the week with a Goodbyn Bynto of cheese and crackers.  Little Dude was still talking about the little cheese stars after camp and wanted some with his dinner, too!   I also gave him strawberries, veggie sticks, and a car-shaped hard boiled egg.

Cheese Hoagie Bento - RachelsRandomc.om

Girlie had an Easy Lunchbox with leftover cheese hoagie sections. She also has strawberries and celery. Hoagies are a Philadelphia specialty and Girlie frequently requests this for dinner. One hoagie often lasts her for 2 meals.

Lock and Lock Puzzle Bento and Snack - RachelsRandom.com

Camp requires snacks in addition to lunch and it seemed like these meals were eaten fairly close together.   I packed Little Dude 2 Lock & Lock Bentos on Wednesday.  The snack bento had a cereal bar, a banana, and a juice box.  The lunch was sunbutter & jam puzzle sandwich, waffle pretzels, apple slices, babybel cheese, and a fish-shaped hard-boiled egg.

Field Trip Disposable Bento - RachelsRandomc.om

Girlie had the excitement of a field trip on Wednesday. The big kids went ice skating!  She needed a disposable lunch, so I packed her bento in an empty strawberries container.  She had a sunbutter & jam heart sandwich, veggie sticks (under the fruit and cheese), and cupcake liners full of cherries, banana, and babybel cheese.

Cheese Pinwheel Bento - RachelsRandom.com

Thursday lunch was tortilla and cheese pinwheels, with cheese shapes that Girlie cut out herself. She also had carrots, a bear hard-boiled egg, blue berries, and… the cotton candy grapes!  Have you tried these?  They are just too weird for me, but the kids are nuts for them.  I need to do some research to understand how these things came to be, because I am a little scared! In the meantime, they are rapidly consumed here!

Airplane Bento - RachelsRandom.com

This last lunch celebrates an upcoming airplane trip!  This is a cheese sandwich, made with the airplane Lunch Punch.  The kids have blueberries, the cotton candy grapes, and fresh tomato from our garden!

We are looking forward to having more and more garden product in the lunches when school starts!

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