Pinwheels and Veggies!

Pinwheels and Veggies!

Last night we were in a hurry to get to an event at Newtown Athletic Club (our home away from home), but naturally, I was running late from work.  This always feels ironic to me, since I work from home, right upstairs in my loft office, but I frequently am running late to work, or am late “getting home” from work. It was also raining like crazy outside, which added to the chaos and almost caused me to change my mind about going.  I mulled it over for a minute or two and decided we could all use some fun and exercise, so I threw a couple of bento dinners together and rushed us into the car.

I really only had about 5 to 10 minutes to make 2 meals, so no characters or special cutouts.  Just by adding a variety of colorful fruits and veggies, I made kid-pleasing bento that could be eaten in the car. Check out this EasyLunchBox:

I made veggie bologna and cheese tortilla pinwheels.  My kids love these much more than regular sandwiches!  I simply place a slice of cheese on a tortilla and microwave for 30 seconds to warm the tortilla and melt the cheese a little.  Then I add a slice of bologna, roll, and slice.  I made rows of veggies using red bell pepper, sugar snap peas, carrots, and cucumber.  I have grapes and cherries in the fruit compartment and trail mix in the small compartment.  Girlie ate every single bite of this (though she did eat it on the way there AND on the way back).

The kids had fun playing at the gymnastics open house and showing me all their skills.  I am amazed at how much they can do!  Girlie is fearless on the high beam now and is a tumbling pro!  Little Dude was working on some floor moves, but mostly preferred the bounce track.  He could bounce all day.

What activities are your kids signed up for during the school year?  So far we only have gymnastics.  I am wary of adding any more to our already hectic schedules, but I do remember lots of good times at T-Ball.  I am thinking maybe we’ll start that one next year.

Welcome to all the new readers who found my blog this week!  I hope you’re enjoying my posts and finding new ideas.  I love to hear from you with comments and suggestions, especially if you try something new!  I do get some ‘fan mail’ from time to time from people who have tried making a healthy bento lunch for their kids and had great success.  Check out this one from Maria in Sprinfield, VA:

Maria packed heart sandwiches for her preschoolers, spicy noodles for her adventurous kindergartener, and chicken lettuce wraps for her hubby. Check out the sriracha heart on his chicken! <3


Send me a picture of your bento lunch creation and I’ll gladly share it on my page too!  You can post it on my facebook page or email it to me at rachelbeard1111 @ gmail dot com.   Or tag me @rachelbeard1111 on instagram.

I know some kids are already back to school or are going back next week!  I hope you’re all off to a good start.  I am a bit nervous for school to start up again on Sept 4 for my kids.  It seems like a big  year for both of them.  I’d love to hear any tips for adjusting a 3 year old to a new preschool classroom as well.   Thank you and have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my lunch!! We’re starting soccer this year for the Kindergartner and guitar lessons for the teen. The toddlers are enrolled in classes on mass destruction and have taken to the subject quite well.

    • Haha Maria! I am so excited for Kennedy to start soccer and for you to be a real soccer mom!!! :) And yeah, I am sure those twinkies are experts in destruction!

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