F.A.B. – Frozen Applesauce Bento!

F.A.B. – Frozen Applesauce Bento!

Girlie had asked for applesauce and when I was trying to decide where to put it in her EasyLunchBox, I had a fun idea.  I decided to put the unsweetened applesauce in a silicon muffin cup, sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon sugar on top, and then freeze it!  My logic is that it will help keep the rest of the food cool and will make it stay in the cup for transport.  It won’t slosh around on its way to school and it should defrost by lunchtime.  I hope.  Will it taste funny?  I am excited to hear Girlie’s report this afternoon!  Here’s today’s lunch:

F.A.B. - Frozen Applesauce Bento!

F.A.B. – Frozen Applesauce Bento!

They have turkey and cheddar pinwheels, peanut butter filled pretzels, frozen applesauce, and strawberries mixed with orange segments.  Little Dude has yogurt and I snuck some in some raisins.  Girlie has broccoli and ranch dip and some carrots.

My girlie went to her very first cooking class at the township’s rec center last night.  It was listed for ages 4 though 10, but she was clearly the youngest one there at 5 and a half.  It was a 90 minute drop-off class in which they made 4 recipes together and then ate them in class.  She brought home some leftovers too.  The recipes were all very simple (a smoothie, grilled cheese, salad, and a pudding dessert) and she’s made them all before in some form or another, but the experience of doing it in a “cooking class” absolutely thrilled her.  She came home and was very excited to tell us all about her night – and asked us to sign her up for more!

I’d love to sign her up for more (I already have one other session booked), and the acting classes she wants, karate class, and dance too.  She already does gymnastics and I am wary of over scheduling her or any of us.  I think one activity a week is enough for us right now.  What do you think?  How many activities are your kids doing each week?

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  1. I love the idea of the frozen applesauce. How did your daughter like it? I would love to try it!
    My kids only pick one activity a week, but I have four kids and so everybody come to everyone’s activity which is plenty. I think 1-3 times a week is fine for a 5 year old if she loves the acticities. I find it important to have at least one or thwo days without any scheduled activities so they can just play at home and relax :) My boys do baseball and they have two practices and one game a week. Plenty for my kids age 5 -9 :)

    • Hi Nina,

      She LOVED the frozen applesauce! She was so excited to tell me about it the instant I picked her up from school. She said the applesauce was still a little bit frozen, making the texture like water ice (an east coast delicacy that I cannot explain). It was chilly and tasted great with the cinnamon sugar. She was very happy and asked if I could give it to her again sometime soon! It’s a keeper!

      Your activities sound like a lot to me! That’s 3 times a week you’re taking each kid?? Sigh, I guess I’m headed that direction soon enough! I thought two things in one week was rough!


      • Thank you, Rachel! Only the oldest two are doing three times a week and thankfully some of it is at the same time. The little ones tag along and since it is all outside with some outside toys and a bento snack we always all have fun :) I am so trying the applesauce next week. I do know what water ice is since it is the same and same word in German – random eh?

  2. Maybe you addressed this before, but the “easy lunch box” containers you use, on amazon some people complained that these leak, do you ever have a problem? I have a very picky 6yr old and just got on the “bento” bandwagon.

    • Hi Marissa,
      I love the EasyLunchBoxes because I can make all different kinds of creations with them, especially with the muffin cups. They are not leakproof, but they really hold in “wet” stuff pretty well for me, if I am relatively cautious. I saw a tip recommended somewhere to put a sheet of wax paper between the compartment and the lid. I do that every time I am serving yogurt or something like that in the small container. The wax paper does seem to seal the yogurt in and it only takes a second. I just cut up a bunch of rectangles and keep them with my bento supplies.
      One time, my son went really crazy and it did make a HUGE mess in the lunchbox, but he was really swinging it around and being nuts. :) Other than that I have had no troubles.
      I hope your picky 6 year old likes the bento style. My kids have really gotten into it!

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